Who We Are…

We Are:

  • An Advisory Council to the community at large and families affected by sickle cell disease.
  • Advisors to Northern California researchers in the area of sickle cell disease.

Our History:

The Sickle Cell Community Advisory Council (SCCAC) was started in 1999 as a collaborative effort between patients of the former Alta Bates Sickle Cell Program, the administrators of programs at the Children’s Hospital of Oakland, and the leadership of the Northern California Sickle Cell Center. Our original purpose was to serve patients transitioning to the hospital, and to meet the needs of known persons affected by sickle cell disease.

What We Do

  • Host Family Forums - We provide an environment for families to increase their knowledge of this disease as well as to learn their rights in dealing with physicians and hospitals as they seek proper care.
  • Outreach and Education - Our members participate in community forums, health fairs, & outreach meetings and speak to organizations and churches throughout the Bay Area.
  • Support Group - We provide support groups for adults living with sickle cell disease and parents of children with sickle cell disease, covering a variety of topics that impact sickle cell disease.
  • Speakers Bureau - Our board members are available to speak to groups of all types on the status of care, current treatment alternatives, and the general complexities of sickle cell disease.
  • Youth Transition Workshops - The SCCAC provides workshop topics that cover education, careers, and independent living skills that foster a positive transition from pediatric care to adult care.
  • Medical Staff Training - We conduct presentations and teaching sessions with health care professionals at hospitals, including nurses and emergency room specialists/attendants, on attitudes of patients and means of providing better service delivery.

Officers and Board Members:

Wanda Williams

Julie Dunbar

Jeanine Renfro-Woods

Marsha Luster

Fred McFadden

Helen Mitchell

Jasymn Carpenter

Sarvi Anderson

Nyashia Boyette

Ernest Newell

Jameelah Hodge

Melinee Stewart

Ejiro Ntekume

Mission Statement:

To provide information and assistance to families of sickle cell disease, to educate the public, and to assist health institutions and practitioners in the delivery of better care to sickle cell anemia patients.

Our Goals:

• Give people affected by sickle cell disease a say in deciding how their care will be given.
• Increase awareness of and support for those affected by sickle cell disease.
• Educate and increase access to available resources in the region and state for people with sickle cell disease.


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